Incredible Progress!

My son has attended Dramatic Pragmatics for two years, both in individual sessions and social language groups in addition to several other types of therapy (speech, OT, SEIT).  Each group and therapist has been as good or better than the last and my son has made incredible progress across the board, while teaching my husband and me (along with all my son's school teachers) how to utilize DP's strategies outside of the therapy session .  My greatest compliment is that if we had to give up every therapy except one, Dramatic Pragmatics would be the one I would keep.

Sue P.  Purchase, NY

Nothing Compares to Dramatic Pragmatics

Dramatic Pragmatics has transformed my children.  Both of my boys struggled with social skills/pragmatics and Dramatic Pragmatics gave them the language, tools and confidence to walk into any room and feel comfortable and successful.    Barbara, Alex and the rest of the team are absolute magicians.  They truly "get" children and can pin point the subtle and intangible language deficits that lead to social anxiety and social awkwardness.   They build children up with positive reinforcement and use effective language and tools to help children recognize and overcome any social obstacle that they may face.  Over the past 6 years I have been to many different speech therapists (including top rated therapists in the city) and nothing compares to Dramatic Pragmatics.  My oldest child "graduated" after 4 years of group therapy and now, at age 7, he is one of the most well liked kids in camp, school and on his sports teams.  And more importantly, he is an extremely happy child with a strong sense of self and a true understanding of what it means to be a good friend.   As a Mom, I could not ask for more!  Dramatic Pragmatics is one of the biggest gifts you can give your child.  I highly recommend it!

Amy F., Harrison, NY

Supportive and Effective

We have had a very successful experience with DP. Our son has had both individual articluation therapy and group social skills therapy and over time, he's become a much clearer and more effective communicator. Along with the practical skill-building exercises, we believe that his relationships with his therapists have been key to his success. Each therapist has created a trusting environment and has been able to utilize his strengths in sessions so he always feels comfortable and accepted. He loves going to DP and enjoys the opportunities to try out new sounds, behaviors and ways to express himself without fear of judgement. As parents, we couldn't feel more supported. Each therapist has always been available to confer and offer ways to continue to support our son at home. 

Lori and Bob G

Stick with it!

I was so happy when my doctor recommended this group.  Alex and Barbara and the entire team are wonderful! My daughter is in a social skill group and has been coming to Dramatic Pragmatics since she was 5 years old.   You have to understand that the therapy involved takes time and has to be reinforced at home and school.  It is important to know that this is a work in progress and you will not see results after a few times of attending group.  So many people move on thinking this is not working and they didn't give it time to work.   Believe me it works over time!  I have been down a long road with smooth pavement and lot's of bumps and potholes...but if you stick with the program, and reinforce it at home, it will sink in!!! My daughter is now 9 and the progress has been amazing.  

V.G., Somers, NY

Forever Grateful to DP

I was nervous to bring my child to another social skills group after trying a few that were very ineffective.  The biggest difference I saw between Dramatic Pragmatic Pragmatics and the other places I've been to is the amount of thought, effort and careful planning that went into my son's group.  They actually put him with kids similiar to him, rather than just with kids who were his age but needed help with other things.  My son's issues were hard to see and other places, not everyone "got" what he needed help with.  The therapists at DP understood my son's issues better after first meeting him for one 45 minute session than other professionals who had known him for years.  His group was tailored to the skills he needed and his therapist actually wanted to know the issues coming up for him so that she could create materials for those situations specifically.  I felt like everything was so personalized and everyone really cares.  I saw incredible progress in my son's ability to break into groups and knowing what to say to his peers.   As a result, his confidence has improved and he has made deeper friendships.  I am forever grateful for the Dramatic Pragmatics team!

Michelle H., Greenwich, CT

A big thank you to Dramatic Pragmatics!

My daughter received language therapy at Dramatic Pragmatics and I cannot express how much it helped her.  While academically, she was an average student and was successful socially, I always felt like she didn't work to her full potential and couldn't always express herself well. I knew she was capable of more.  After being evaluated at Dramatic Pragmatics, they found she had difficulties with language processing and expressive language.  They worked with her weekly, talking with her teacher and giving me practice exercises to do with her at home.  She made so much progress within a year of therapy and has "closed the gap".  We see a huge difference at home and her teachers see it too.  Best of all, she never minded coming to "the little red house" and also feels so supported by her amazing therapist.  A big thank you to Dramatic Pragmatics.

Jennifer, Armonk, NY

My now confident child

Dramatic Pragmatics changed by son's feelings about himself.  They gave him stratagies to use in the areas in which he was weaker and he felt so empowered by having those tools to use.  I watched him apply them in "life" and my confident boy was back!  They really took the time to get to know him and create goals that worked on exactly what he needed. It was such a positive experience. Thank you again Dramatic Pragmatics.  

Anne L. 

Larchmont, NY

What a difference

My son has participated in both group and individual therapy at Dramatic Pragmatics for two years.  I continue to be amazed at their ability to know what skills are applicable and relevent for his age group.  I feel like each lesson was made just for him...and then I talk to the other parents, and they feel the same way!  Best of all, they have helped me know how to best help him.  They've talked to his teachers and his school team and the school has expressed how the stratagies his therapist gave helped my son and many others in the class.  I feel so lucky to be able to give my son these tools of a lifetime from Dramatic Pragmatics.  

B.D. Bedford