A big thank you to Dramatic Pragmatics!

My daughter received language therapy at Dramatic Pragmatics and I cannot express how much it helped her.  While academically, she was an average student and was successful socially, I always felt like she didn't work to her full potential and couldn't always express herself well. I knew she was capable of more.  After being evaluated at Dramatic Pragmatics, they found she had difficulties with language processing and expressive language.  They worked with her weekly, talking with her teacher and giving me practice exercises to do with her at home.  She made so much progress within a year of therapy and has "closed the gap".  We see a huge difference at home and her teachers see it too.  Best of all, she never minded coming to "the little red house" and also feels so supported by her amazing therapist.  A big thank you to Dramatic Pragmatics.

Jennifer, Armonk, NY