We are a comprehensive speech, language, and social development center located in Rye Brook, New York. We offer Speech and Language Evaluations and Pragmatic Language Evaluations. Additional services include parent training workshops, speaking engagements, and school consultation. Please browse our site to learn more and check back often for new events listed.

Parent Workshops

  • Parent Workshops/Support
    We're here to educate parents by providing them with the tools and strategies to carry-over our unique Dramatic Pragmatic/social thinking curriculum.

Social Skills and Social Language Development

  • Dramatic Pragmatics Social Language Groups
    We are known for our "Dramatic Pragmatic" social language groups which were created to improve language -based social thinking and to empower each student with the tools of social communication.  Working on conversational skills, social problem solving, flexibility, cooperative play/teamwork while utilizing age-appropriate, engaging activities, children have fun while they are learning!  (more info.)
  • College Transition Group for Social Success
    Designed for students entering or enrolled in college. Groups or individual sessions address practical skills to navigate the complex social demands of the college environment.


Speech and Language Services

  • Individual Speech Therapy/Evaluations
    to address articulation delays/disorders, developmental verbal apraxia, fluency disorders... (more info.)
  • Individual Language Therapy/Evaluations to address language processing, comprehension, expression, vocabulary development... (more info.)
  • Individual Pragmatic Language Therapy to help students learn basic pragmatic language skills and core concepts necessary to join a Dramatic Pragmatic Social Language Group. (more info.)