Dramatic Pragmatic Speech and Language Center...Where Language Competence Meets Social Empowerment

At our comprehensive center, we pride ourselves in not being a “cookie cutter” program; what works for one student may not necessarily work for another! As “speech and language detectives” we are constantly figuring out the best way to use client’s strengths to maximize both their learning and social potential. We are not about labels, but about preserving and supporting each student’s unique profile, as we facilitate their overall communication growth. Speech and Language Development is vital to us to take the time to involve and support all family members in the planning and implementation of their son or daughter’s treatment.

We do whatever it takes to maximize each student’s progress, whether it be individual therapy, a Dramatic Pragmatics group, a combination of both or using the community as a classroom when necessary. Progress is assessed collaboratively with parents and with contact with other therapists and school staff. As language clinicians, we are flexible and creative problem solvers who think outside the box for your student’s speech, language and social-pragmatic development. We strengthen each client's foundation communication skills while at the same time, we dedicate ourselves to making sure your son or daughter can use those skills to have meaningful, positive social interactions!