Dramatic Pragmatics Groups:

Clients receive information about session dates prior to starting group sessions. Each session varies between 10-14 weeks depending on the day of the week and the holidays and school vacations that overlap. Please check our website for inclement weather closings. If you determine that travel from your location to the center is too dangerous due to weather, please e-mail us at DramaticPragmatics@gmail.com for our group planning purposes Please check local news resources to find the status of school closings.

Our Dramatic Pragmatic Groups are balanced and planned for with great care and effort. If one group member is not in attendance, it can change the entire feel and outcome of the group. We expect that each client and his/her family make a full semester commitment to the group assignment and ask respectfully that you schedule travel, and appointments at times other than when the group meets. However, we also understand that there are times when a client cannot be at group due to an unavoidable situation. Please let your group leader know as soon as you know if your child will not be attending group for planning purposes.

NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO ABSENCES. We do offer one make-up group per 10-14 week session which you will be given the date of prior to each group session starting.

Individual Sessions:

Please call 24 hours in advance for cancellation. In cases of sickness and emergency, please call ASAP. If we do not receive a cancellation phone call, you will be billed for the session, as we take time to plan each session.


For Groups: Payments are to be made in full for each semester. Payment is due on or before your child’s group start date. We accept all major credit cards as well as payment by cash or personal check. Checks are to be made out to Dramatic Pragmatics.

For Individual Therapy: Payment is expected at the time of each session, unless other payment arrangements have been worked out. Payment may be made in either check, cash, or credit card.


Parking is available in the back parking lot or around the circular driveway in the front of the building.  Please arrive 10 minutes before group to give yourself enough time to park, as parking is limited.  


Groups/group members are our top priority. Please stay with your child until your group leader has gathered the group and plan to pick up your child on time. Our waiting room is not monitored and children cannot be in the waiting room unattended.  This greatly helps with smooth transitioning from group to group so that all group members receive the time and attention allotted to him/her. All parents and caregivers are asked to wait in the waiting room to decrease distractions and ensure our clients the right to confidentiality.

Food and beverage consumption is discouraged in the waiting area. There are many places across the street in the Rye Ridge Shopping Plaza that you can go to enjoy a snack. If you must have food or a beverage please dispose of the trash. If a spill should occur, please bring it to the attention of the group leader at the end of the session. 


Please Respect the Needs of Others

  • Use inside voices when entering the building-we are not the only tenants at 111 Bowman Ave.
  • Wait quietly in the designated waiting area.
  • No running or climbing without permission to do so



  • Bathrooms are located in the hallways in both the upstairs and downstairs entrance ways
  • Bathrooms are shared space with our neighbors- please keep them clean!
  • Let a staff member know if there is a problem in the bathroom