Forever Grateful to DP

I was nervous to bring my child to another social skills group after trying a few that were very ineffective.  The biggest difference I saw between Dramatic Pragmatic Pragmatics and the other places I've been to is the amount of thought, effort and careful planning that went into my son's group.  They actually put him with kids similiar to him, rather than just with kids who were his age but needed help with other things.  My son's issues were hard to see and other places, not everyone "got" what he needed help with.  The therapists at DP understood my son's issues better after first meeting him for one 45 minute session than other professionals who had known him for years.  His group was tailored to the skills he needed and his therapist actually wanted to know the issues coming up for him so that she could create materials for those situations specifically.  I felt like everything was so personalized and everyone really cares.  I saw incredible progress in my son's ability to break into groups and knowing what to say to his peers.   As a result, his confidence has improved and he has made deeper friendships.  I am forever grateful for the Dramatic Pragmatics team!

Michelle H., Greenwich, CT