What time does the social language group for my child's age group meet?

This is one of the first questions many parents ask. However, we DO NOT believe in grouping children solely on the fact that they are in the same age range! With a group client base of over 250 children/teens, we are able to match each child to the appropriate group to work on his/her specific needs with age-matched children who are working on similar issues at the same level. We have MANY groups for each age level. More than anything, research has shown that the group has to be the right "match" to be therapeutic for your child. Therefore, we meet each child for a teaching consultation and use the information we gain from the parent, child and/or any referring professionals during the consultation in order to determine placement. We also find out about the child's schedule at that time as well.
In the rare instance that we do not have an opening in a current group that we feel is a "best match", we will place your child on the waiting list and he/she will be able to start in one of our new groups as soon as we have the appropriate "matches". While this can feel frustrating to a family that wants to get started right away, please trust that the right group placement is vital to seeing progress and ensuring it is an enjoyable process for your child!