How do Dramatic Pragmatic social communication groups work?

We believe that every child, adolescent and young adult that we service requires an individualized program to acquire the skill set needed to have social success. Research shows that individuals are most successful in acquiring pragmatic language skills when in a small, supportive group setting where they can practice these skills as part of a peer group. Through the use of role-play, original stories, scripts and monologues, video-modeling, games and activities, we target specific social pragmatic skills. We believe in thinking “out of the box” and being creative therapists who hook client’s interest by using strategies that are conducive to their learning style. We also utilize visuals for every skill we teach to enhance acquisition and generalization of these skills.
We also believe that the right grouping is essential to the success of a group and have years of experience creating successful groupings. Additionally, collaboration with parents is a vital piece of the puzzle. We value parents and other team member’s input into the process of creating individual goals to address the needs of each client. Ultimately, our goal is that our clients are able to carry over the skills that they gain into their everyday lives to achieve social success.